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Thank you for visiting the website of Holt Chiropractor Dr. Kylene Volz of Volz Family Chiropractic - a professional Holt chiropractic clinic. In practice as well as online Dr. Volz strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Our Holt practice is equipped with modern Chiropractic equipment including digital x-ray. Volz Family Chiropractic is proud to be the first Chiropractic clinic in central Michigan with on-site digital x-ray technology. Each patient leaves with a copy of his/her x-rays on a CD!! Contact us today and receive the Volz Family Chiropractic difference!

With many years of Chiropractic training and education under her belt Dr. Volz has cared for many patients with conditions ranging from headaches, carpal tunnel, pain in the shoulders and in between the shoulder blades, sciatica, lower back pain, allergies, asthma, bowel trouble, and many other health conditions. She has had stunning success with these conditions and many others. Dr. Volz has had extended training in Pediatrics & Pregnancy and enjoys working in her Family Wellness practice. Patients seeking care at Volz Family Chiropractic are assured of receiving only the finest quality of care, because Dr. Kylene Volz has a genuine concern for your well-being.

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Yours in health,

Dr. Kylene Volz, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic